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16 Ways That Summer Camp is the WORST Job You’ll Ever Have.

Working at a Summer Camp might seem like the best way of spending your summer break. Although getting  to spend 3 months working and travelling in America sounds glamorous, the reality is very different.

Let’s look at why working at camp is simply the WORST… Continue reading

21 Emotions We’ve ALL Experienced At Camp!

Wet Hot American Summer is the greatest Summer Camp movie ever made. This is an indisputable fact. To celebrate the upcoming Netflix series, here a list of times that Wet Hot understood Summer Camp life a little too well + how Summer Camp gives you ALL the feels. Continue reading

21 Ways That Camp Life is WAY Better Than Real Life!!

As we all know, Summer Camp is the greatest place on earth.

We’d all be much happier if we could spend 2 months in the ‘real world’ and 10 months at camp, rather than the other way around.

But…just how much better  is Summer Camp life to real life?  Here’s what I think. Get in touch with your suggestions  by leaving  a comment below or Tweeting your ideas  to me ( Continue reading

Interviews with Camp Directors!

Camp Starlight

What should you do if a Camp Director calls you…all the way from AMERICA?? Continue reading

Cleaning up Social Media

Camp Bracelets

Here are some important tips for cleaning up your social media accounts as Camp Directors will want to know as much as possible about who they’ll be hiring! Continue reading

How to ACE the Summer Camp Interview!

Camp Wah-Nee

Interviews are the WORST. They usually involve sitting in a small, claustrophobic room while a man with a shiny face and a badly fitting suit asks obscure questions like ‘How would you weigh your own head?’

The bad news is that you’ll have to have an interview if you want to work at Summer Camp. The good news is that the interviews are nothing to be worried about! Continue reading

Become a Summer Camp Superhero!!

Summer Camp Superhero

Become a Summer Camp Superhero with our FREE Application Checker! Continue reading

How to WOW with your Introduction Video!

Summer Fun!

Introduction. Video. Two words which strike fear into the heart of all Summer Camp applicants. How can you make an amazing video which will help you to be hired?
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The Perfect Summer Camp Application!!


The Summer Camp application is LONG! How can you make yourself stand out amongst the thousands of other people applying?
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How To Get Hired at the Camp Fair!

Counselor Group Shot

In theory, Camp Fairs are the easiest thing in the world. All you need to do is turn up, have a chat with a Camp Director and then walk away, hi-fiving everyone in celebration of being placed. Sounds easy doesn’t it? Continue reading