Camp Bracelets

Here are some important tips for cleaning up your social media accounts as Camp Directors will want to know as much as possible about who they’ll be hiring!

Profile Pic

Even if you’ve got every single privacy filter switched on, you will still have a profile picture. This will be the first thing that a Camp Director will see and will tell them a LOT about you. A Director is not going to say ‘Hey! Let’s hire that guy whose Facebook pic shows him after he’s been sick on his own face!’ or ‘You know who would be a great role model? That girl whose profile pic shows her motorboating her friend.’

Although these examples are ridiculous, it is a good idea to have a relatively innocent image as your profile pic. Last year I had to call a guy who was fired from camp before he even got there. The reason…his Facebook pic looked like he was snorting cocaine. The picture was entirely innocent…but the Camp Director didn’t want to take the chance!


Facebook is like a little time capsule which documents your life. Sometimes good things happen. Sometimes bad or regrettable things happen. The one thing you can be sure of is that someone will have a camera. That person will take pictures and that person WILL tag you in them. Have a look through your photos. I’m sure there are some that you’d forgotten about. While this will allow you to reminisce, put yourself in the shoes of a Camp Director. After looking through the pics, do they show you as a responsible, person who could be relied upon to look after someone else’s children? If not, either untag yourself or have a play with the privacy settings.


You can tell a lot about someone by the groups they’ve joined and the things they’ve liked. For example, if someone’s profile shows that they like Dungeons and Dragons, Birds of a Feather and Gary Barlow, you’d probably imagine them to be a virgin. Similarly, if you’ve ‘Liked’ pages such as ‘Realising how drunk you are when alone in the toilet’ and ‘Coming home drunk knocking things over and telling them to SSHHHH!’ you probably aren’t portraying yourself in the best light. Maybe think about removing yourself from these groups. After all, are you REALLY a fan of those things?

Status Updates/Tweets

Status updates and Tweets take literally seconds. They’re almost too easy to do. Once you’ve hit ‘Post’ or ‘Tweet’ that information is out there in the world. Although it’s unlikely that 1 status update or Tweet will cause you any problems, Camp Directors may be able to look back at your history of Facebook posts + Tweets to build up a picture of you. If you look like you could be the sort of person who will cause the campers to leave camp with nothing but a mouthful of new swear words, it’s unlikely that a camp will look to hire you.

Google Yourself!

Although this sounds very egotistical, do a quick search for your own name and e-mail address. You may find links to a bunch of websites you’ve not used FOREVER…but which may make you look like an odd person. This may sound silly, but what if a Camp Director Googled you + the first link took them to your old premium account on Do you think you’d be offered a job?


Without knowing it, you probably have a pretty hefty online presence. Think of all the times you’ve entered your name or e-mail address into a website…or signed up for something online? Now is the time to revisit all of your old online accounts and delete them. If nothing else, it’ll give you the chance to laugh at the nonsense that you were posting when you were 14!


Don’t worry about checking Instagram…you’ve probably just posted loads of heavily filtered pictures of your food.


If you have a MySpace account…HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!! Who are you? My Nan? It’s not 2002. No-one has a MySpace profile. You’ve got nothing to worry about.

When you’re going through the social media sites that you’re a member of, think of yourself as a brand or a product. The Camp Directors who are taking a look at you will make a decision about whether they want you to be affiliated with their camp. The way that you promote yourself through social media will give potential employers a MUCH better idea about the ‘real’ you.

I have no doubt that the real you will make a fantastic Camp Counselor, but as there will be so much on Twitter and Facebook that you will have forgotten about, it’s a good time to show yourself in the best possible way.