Camp Starlight

What should you do if a Camp Director calls you…all the way from AMERICA??

Once your application has been sent to the States, you may well be contacted by a Camp Director who has seen your application and is keen to chat to you.

If this happens, do not immediately hyperventilate. This is REALLY good news! Although the Camp Director will want to chat to you about what you have to offer the camp, they will also tell you about the job that’re considering you for, so you’ll get to learn a lot more about camp life.

You’ll also find that Camp Directors are the warmest, friendliest, loveliest people and love to chat about their camp.

Amanda recruits international staff for one of the top camps in the States. Here are the top 5 things that she’s looking for when she’s interviewing people for a counselor role at camp:

1.    Well-spoken during their interview

2.    Enthusiastic about camp

3.    Experience with children (babysitting, working in a school etc…)

4.    Studying something that has to do with education, sports or art.

5.    Something on their CV that sets them apart (a work experience, a cool trip they’ve been on…etc…)

Basically, don’t panic! Be engaging and enthusiastic…and show the Director why their camp will struggle to function without you!